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Monday, April 17th. “Coda”

We have talked so much about what a great year it has been thus far, but more then anything I think we all feel it~ From Masquerade to Disney, we have made memories that surely will last beyond this year. To use a musical term, it is time time for our “Coda”, as we approach the Spring Concert, Chamber Night, and the Memorial Day Parade (please plan on the latter). I know we will all keep pushing to make sure the music speaks the way we know it can, as we make the individual sacrifices needed for the band to flourish. (AKA everyone needs to practice~)

As I mentioned on Remind, the HBW 7th/8th grade band is coming up tomorrow morning starting at 7:45am for breakfast (which is for both HBW/HBW) and a combined rehearsal during first block. This is HUGE, and likely the last time we can do a full band recruitment day. Let’s be frank – we need numbers y’all!

So please, make sure you have played and come early to welcome the future VHS “Band-ites”. Specifically, we can use volunteers at 7:45am! Let me know if you have any questions. R’owkay then.

Mr. Lynch

March 2023

I was thinking a lot tonight about seasons in our program. Marching band season. The backbone of the community, spirit, and family culture of our program. We would, and did, do anything to make our show a success. Play season. The work that went into Hello Dolly was unfathomable and the production followed suit. 

How about concert band season? Well on Thursday night, we have the potential to play a program of incredible literature that undoubtedly has the capability of moving other human beings without worrying about trophies, placement, or the Intergalactic award for the Best Cowbell section. Music for the sake of music. Art for the sake of the art. What a beautiful thing that certainly can not be quantified. 

In the last few days, can I ask that we as individuals, and the collective entity that we call the Verona Concert Band, make the most of this concert band season?  No gesture is too small….

 Run through the 16th note licks in Oxford. Know the tendencies of the concert F in Grainger. Run through a lick in Foster’s America. You are smart, wonderful human beings – you know better than anyone what needs to be worked on. 

It all counts. We all count. Every detail is woven like the fibers of a rug into a larger musical picture. Ask how you can push yourself these last few days before the concert and beyond. It will make a difference.

Wishing you a wonderful musical experience and iconic memory making on Thursday night.

Happy Concert season fam.